Today, a shut-in will visit you.

58-year-old shut-in Madeline Fenk is tired of people visiting her with that expression on their faces. Today, she may show up at your house with a three-bean casserole and make herself at home. She will put the casserole in your refrigerator and sit on your couch for a while and ask you with her pained expression, “How are you? No, how are you really?” She will bring you a few pamphlets, some of which are entitled:

“Are You ‘Crazy Busy’ or Are You A Narcissist?”

“I See That You Have Children”


“Your 80-hour Workweek Is Not Interesting To Others”

Ms. Fenk will sit quietly on your couch for approximately 43 minutes, and she will not say anything. This does not mean she is mentally ill. She does not even have cats. She believes in the power of presence. You may not, but that’s okay. At the end of her 43-minute stay, Ms. Fenk will get up and leave, and hand you a note asking if you have any questions. This is the time to ask your questions, which she may or may not answer.

Madeline Fenk is a shut-in and she will be over soon.