A lot of people are concerned about this so-called issue of climate change.   But have you ever considered that it’s not really “global warming,”  but rather your bad attitude that’s causing all the trouble?

Think about it. If you’ve read The Secret, you know that your thoughts have the power to create reality.  Therefore, if you think that global warming is a real thing, then guess what?  The earth gonna get hotter.  But if you simply refuse to give in to the negative weather hysteria, then also guess what?  Hey sun: you can’t touch this.

Yes, you can defeat global warming with your thoughts, much in the same way as you can cure disease and other misfortune via Facebook by “sending good thoughts your way.”  And that is the central thesis of my new book, “Cooling the Earth With Positivity,” now available for download on my web site for the low low one-time price of $145.37.  In my new soon-to-be self-published online bestseller, I discuss 15 advanced mental techniques you can use to literally change the course of weather history, including one powerful technique I will disclose to you now FOR FREE!

1. Pity.

If you think that the earth is hot, just think about how much worse it is on Mars.  Mars is like the weather equivalent of 1980s Ethiopia.  That is, no matter how hot and nasty it gets here, remember, you can always say, “hey– at least we’re not on Mars.” Nothing lives on Mars.  It’s way too damn close to the sun.  Mars is in a very unhealthy codependent relationship with the sun, and it won’t back off.  This  sick dynamic is scorching Mars and smothering the sun and nobody is happy, and yet Mars still won’t back off, and the sun won’t stop bossing Mars around.  I guess they must like it but if you ask me, that’s no way to live.  Much better to be on earth.  It’s really too bad for Mars, but I feel like I can’t get involved in Mars’s problems.  By comparison, Earth is doing just great.

See?  Don’t you feel better?  And that’s just one of 15 powerful mental techniques that I discuss in my new soon-to-be groundbreaking, award-winning downloadable self-published e-book, “Cooling the Earth With Positivity,” still available at the one-time low low price of $145.37. In fact, it’s even more available now than it was a few paragraphs ago, even though demand has exploded exponentially even in the time it’s taken for you to read this far.


“What kind of science do I have behind these claims,” is a question I get a lot.  That’s fair.  And I think my answer to this question is equally fair:  Who needs science when you’ve already got results? And results is what I promise you when you purchase my self-published downloadable e-book from my web site, Dr.KennethCavendish.com* which you will know because it’s got a giant picture of my head on the landing page.  And for that low low one-time** price of $145.37, can you really afford to say no? I highly doubt it, and I say that with total positivity.

Kind regards,

Dr. Kenneth Cavendish

*doctor of love

**okay so this is actually the second time I’ve offered my e-book at this price.