What is the shape of your most authentic self?

Is it a square?  A triangle?  Is it flat or three-dimensional?  Maybe it’s a shape that nobody has ever seen before– a shape from outer space, with tentacles and suckers or maybe even flowers coming out of it.


Step closer to the shape.  Talk to it.  “Hello, shape.”  What does it say back to you?  Listen carefully.  What does your shape want you to do?

Maybe it’s hungry.  Maybe it needs a bath.  Maybe your shape has brought a present for you.  Will you unwrap it?  Do you trust your authentic shape?

Feel the fear.  Approach it.  Touch the other shape that is your fear, and introduce your fear shape to your authentic shape.  Will they have a conversation? Maybe they will sit down and have a Coke– a holiday Coke that is easily confused with Diet Coke because both cans are white. Huh.

That’s okay.  Everything is okay.  Breathe into your shapes.  Believe.