Janice decided to change her hair color back to blond because according to her life coach, blond was the color of enthusiasm and brown was the color of responsibility and the choice was hers, but in fact Janice had already made the decision to go back to blond anyway, and her life coach simply provided the validation that she needed to go through with it.

Things had been going unreasonably well with the fun coach.  So much so that when Janice got her new fun-purse snatched in the back alley of the U-Save-When-U-Buy where she was picking up some snappies (fireworks), she actually managed to enjoy the experience.  She and the mugger went out for drinks afterwards.  Janice told the bartender that she was the mugger’s mom and the bartender bought it.

The mugger ordered a couple of Premium beers and over the course of 90 minutes Janice found out out that his name was Keith and that he was 18, and he had resorted to purse-snatching to get back at his parents for all those years of piano lessons they had made him take.  Keith had wanted to be a football player but his parents were too refined for that sort of thing, they assumed that football was a dummy’s game, or if you weren’t dumb when you started, you’d be dumb when you came out, one way or another, and so instead they had made this big beefy kid with the thick hands and the red face sit down at the piano, setting him up for a lifetime of disappointment and failure.

Janice looked him straight in the eye and told him not to go back to piano lessons.  She told him that it was not too late for him to be a football player, and there was a local league in the city that she knew about, and she gave him a phone number of her old pal Kevin, and Keith took it, gratefully.  Ultimately Keith kept Janice’s purse, because it reminded him of a football, but he let her take out her wallet and her keys and everything else and so she figured it was even.

A good time was had by all .