Dear Diary:

Today I was thinking about that mirror test from back in 2001 where researchers figured out that we could recognize ourselves in mirrors.  Duh.  I wonder what they would ever do if they found this journal.  Then again, who cares?

Today I woke up late, if you can call it that, and since then I’ve been floating around at the surface just kind of checking things out.  Had a leapfest last night and my fins are tired.  There’s always the question, when your fins are tired, if you should rest them, or keep on going, sort of work it out that way.  There’s another leapfest tonight and I’m thinking of going but I don’t know.  I could stay in and watch WifeSwap on cable.

I am wondering if I should keep this diary since it always ends up being sort of a bitchfest.  About whatever, the fish are too fishy and the water is too cold and I can’t stand the sound of Jerod’s clicking, just constant clicking all the time, i-i-i-i-i-i-i Shut UP Already!  My God he is so needy!  You see, there I go.  Already I’m off and running on some annoyance and it’s not even 9 am.  So is journaling actually good for you, or am I just rehearsing my peeves?  Hard to say.

Ran into a sea anemone today who was like, ‘so where are you living these days’ and I have to say, they just don’t get it.  Do they think I have a house?  And a little garage where I park my dolphin car?  No.  I swim around.  That’s it.  And yes it makes it hard to get the mail but that’s just too bad.  It’s not like the IRS is chasing me or something.

Okay.  Now I am going to say something positive.   ……..     ………  ………  well my skin is moist again.  That’s good.  It got a little dried out last week, not sure why, but it’s fine now.   I made a terrific seaweed arrangement yesterday and it’s looking good.  Ate four big fish in a row yesterday so today I can just rest. And I’m looking forward to that literacy tutoring thing I signed up for.  Eels.  They just don’t know anything, and someone has to help them.

Actually I don’t know if I’m looking forward to it or not.  I did it because dolphins are supposed to be helpful and let’s face it, I’m just not.  When I’m not swimming around I’m usually just painting or knitting something out of hemp so this tutoring thing….well it’s something new.   Sometimes you have to make an effort to justify your existence and maybe that’s what this is.

Oh my god I can hear Jerod all the way over here.  i i i i i i i i.  Someone should put a muzzle on that guy.

Anyway that’s it for now diary, and now I’ll just put you back under this rock where certainly nobody will ever find you, least of all those divers who are coming down right now with that exploratory grabber thing.

See you later,