It’s just what it sounds like, and it’s a marathon of snakes, 26.2 miles of long slender bodies worming their way through the streets of your town for the big prize, a giant frozen rat on a stick.

Come on down to encourage the snakes, as they’ve been training for this all year long.  All of the 210,529 snakes participating in this year’s events had to enter with a qualifying score, and so you know that these are going to be the strongest, fastest, most exciting snakes to hit the metro area in a long time, and that’s counting the ones in the sewer.

The race starts at 6 am on the dot and will be staged according to breed:  grass snakes, then rattlers, copperheads, bull snakes, mud snakes, king snakes, and a bunch of others listen on the web site (snakeathon2010).

Our motto this year is ‘get bit by the thon’ but we don’t really mean it.  And if you do come down and you happen to get bit, we have medical personnel on hand right there at the race, to cut a small X right over the bite and suck out the venom.  We are dedicated to making this a safe and fun event for all participants, and we very much look forward to seeing you at Snake-a-Thon 2010.  Long pants suggested.