On the road of your life, are you a driver, a passenger, or someone gagged and bound in the trunk of a driverless car headed for the edge of a cliff?

Does your car have gas in it, or is it running on empty? Perhaps you are the gas pump attendant, continually pumping gas into other people’s cars, before you close up shop at the end of the day and wearily mount your bike to head home?

What kind of a car are you?  Are you a blustery SUV with xenon headlights and automatic warming leather seats and a tv in the back of every seat?  Or are you someone who is still driving a Pinto, and not even a good one but one that looks like it’s been put through a wheat thresher and pummeled by the baseball bats of a very angry youth gang?

Where is your car going?  Back and forth to a corporate park for the pleasure and security of having health insurance and a weekly, reliable paycheck and a soothing beige office with a (mostly) ergonomially correct chair?

Or are you headed out into the woods, off the beaten path and then maybe unexpectedly down a muddy incline where you will have to summon the nearest hermit farmer to tow you out,and he shows up with a cheap bottle of whiskey and a chain saw and what is that for??

Maybe you are driving around just to drive around.  Aimless driving is its own path.

Maybe you have decided not to drive any sort of car.  At all.  And that’s valid.  But who are you calling to drive you around then? And are they okay with that?

Journal it out.  Go.