Sun is up.

Buffy is up.

Buffy and Mack are up.

Coffee is made.

Mack has some.

Buffy says she can’t have any.

Mack asks why.

Buffy says it makes her nervous.

Mack drinks four cups.

Mack doesn’t like to waste things.

Mack feels jazzed.

Buffy wants coffee too.

Buffy pretends she does not want coffee.

The car is in the driveway.

Hello, car.

Hello Buffy, hello Mack.

Buffy and Mack start the car.

It is time to go to work.

The gas tank is almost empty.

Whose job was it to fill the tank?

Was it Buffy’s?

Was it Mack’s?

Buffy and Mack discuss this respectfully.

They talk for a hour and a half.

Buffy is late.

Mack is late.

Buffy and Mack are late.

Mack is at work.

Mack drank too much coffee.

Mack has to pee every four minutes.

Mack is somewhat unproductive.

Buffy is at work.

Buffy is tired.

Buffy dozes off in a meeting.

Buffy’s boss notices.

Is everything okay at home, asks Buffy’s boss.

Everything is okay at home, says Buffy.

The boss is angry.

Get more sleep, says the boss.

Okay, says Buffy.

Buffy and the boss talk.

The boss is no longer angry.

Buffy is relieved.

Buffy watches the clock.

Mack watches the clock.

Buffy and Mack watch the clock.

Now it is time for dinner.

Buffy eats steak.

Mack eats steak.

Buffy and Mack eat steak.

There is a dog.  Hello, dog.

Who fed the dog?

Buffy did you feed the dog?

Buffy didn’t feed the dog.

Mack, did you feed the dog?

Mac did not feed the dog.

Nobody fed the dog.

The dog gets a piece of steak.

Is is 9 PM.

Tomorrow I will have coffee, says Buffy.

Tomorrow I will have less coffee, says Mack.

Tomorrow we will have the right amount of coffee, say Buffy and Mack.

Buffy goes to bed.

Mack goes to bed.

Buffy and Mack go to bed.

The dog tries to go to bed with them.

No, says Buffy.

No, says Mack.

No say Buffy and Mack.

The dog wonders why.

The dog always wonders why.

Then the dog hears a noise and he finds that more interesting than wondering why.

The dog runs to the front door.

Buffy and Mack shut their bedroom door.

The end.