If you don’t have the money for a real cleaning/organization person, it doesn’t mean you have to live in squalor.  For half the money, you can hire UClean, the cleaning service that straightens up in exactly the same way you would when you don’t have much time to do anything, thus saving you those valuable scraps of time you spend desperately trying to tidy up after yourself but ultimately fail, over and over and over and over again.

Here are some of the services we offer:

1.  Stacking things in semi-neat piles that sort of make sense.

2.  Looking under the bed at the stuff that’s under there and then deciding to deal with it later.

3.  Standing all the bottles of crap on your dressing table on end so it looks like it’s supposed to be like that.

4.  Hanging up 4 of the 7 shirts that are strewn over the bed and the chair.

5.  Stacking up a few books.

6.  Throwing away a bunch of empty envelopes, and maybe also one envelope that had something in it that you needed.

7.  Putting half-empty beer bottles closer to the door so that sometime when you are leaving you might remember to bring them downstairs.

8.  Moving your suitcase behind a chair so it’s not so obvious to everyone who comes over that you’re probably going to move AGAIN, you rootless, pathetic gypsy.

9.  Sorting loose underwear into piles of Clean and Dirty.

10.  And much much much much more!

UClean!  We promise we will sort of organize at least a few things, for a much much lower price than some expensive place that would actually come in and do a good job of it.  You get what you pay for, at UClean.