“Please Gerald,” cried Stephanie, “don’t go.  Stay on this rock with me.  Forever and ever.  Please.”

“Don’t–“said Gerald.  Can’t you see I’m a man?  And a man needs adventure, a man needs the open air, a man needs to run–”

“But we can’t run,” cried Stephanie, who was laying flat on the ground, but so was Gerald.  “We’re stuck here, you and me.  If you run you die.  We need moisture, we need air—”

“I want to go to film school—” said Gerald, firmly.  “I have stories in me, Stephanie” (WOBBLY ORGAN).  Stories that need to come out–stories about MEN”

“I’ll come with you—” said Stephanie, reaching her green shoots toward him in vain–

“You can’t!” said Gerald, looking away over the big lake, the wind blowing his stalks in an unflattering way.   “Can’t you see this is what I need to do!!!”

“This is about those rocks, isn’t it?”  Stephanie was referring to a couple of nondescript rocks who, last summer, had picked themselves up and gone to L.A., and now were semi-regularly working actors who had appeared as extras in several high-profile outdoors-type movies.  Gerald had gone mad with envy but for the past month had calmed down.  At least she thought he had.  Apparently she was wrong.

“This has nothing to do with those rocks–” said Gerald, fidgeting heavily.

“Are you sure?” asked Stephanie, gently

“Leave me alone, I’m going!!!!” cried Gerald, and he tore himself bit by bit from the rock.

“If you go I’m going, too!” shouted Stephanie.  (DRAMA ORGAN) “I’m not staying here without you, I’ll go to culinary school!”  And with that Stephanie also tore an edge of herself from the rock.

“Don’t be a fool, Stephanie.  You don’t know how to cook and you don’t need to.  We’re moss–”

“I know that,” said Stephanie, but did it ever occur to you that I WANT to cook?  I want to be a caterer.  I want to host events in these woods, I want to bring some style and class to this godforsaken wilderness.”

“I just don’t get you,” said Gerald.

“I know you don’t and I don’t care.  I’ve had enough Gerald.  You go.” (ORGAN) “I’ll go too.  And we shan’t see each other again.”

“Fine,” said Gerald.  “Maybe someday you can cater one of my red-carpet movie screenings”

“Maybe some day you’ll make an instructional video about how to make one of my pies,” said Stephanie.

“Goodbye,” said Gerald.

“Goodbye,” said Stephanie.

And then they just sat there.