Where’s everybody from?  From the vegetable garden?  Cool, thanks for showing up.  Really happy to be here. 

So what’s the deal with nitrogen-based fertilizer?  Who needs that? I’m feeling like a meth lab over here–look out, I might get raided.

I did get raided the other day.  Bunnies came through here and chewed everything up and then they were just sitting around rubbing noses and I was like, hey, go get a room!  And they must have because the next week they came back and there were twelve of them.

I don’t have to worry about that because I’m self-pollinating.  Sometimes I self-pollinate fourteen, fifteen times a day.  And then the person came out and pruned some of my stem and I’m like hey!  Relax already–not hurting anybody here.

Bees love me though.  I just don’t swing that way, sorry.

Uh oh, rain.  Guess the show’s over. Or is it?  No it’s not, because you’re all plants, and you can’t go anywhere.  That is, unless those bunnies come back.  Then you’re going for a long trip through a dark tube.  That’s my time, thank you!