Welcome to the orthostatic hypertension support group–the group for people who get dizzy when they stand up. My name is Sheila, and–can everybody hear me?  No?  Not in the back?  Okay, then I guess I’ll get off my chair and stand up at the microphone—

Welcome to the


I’m okay.  Sorry, just stood up too fast, and got a little dizzy.  I’m good now.  Let me just get up off the floor….would anybody like to share a story from the past week?  Carl?  Sure. Stand up and come on up to the microphone.


Hello.  I’m Carl.  And last week I was washing my—


I’m okay.  Sorry about that.  Headrush.  Stood up too fast.  I know you guys know what that’s like.  Just let me get up off the floor here.  Okay.  What I was going to say was last week I was washing my car and I was bent over and when I stood up I completely passed out and when I woke up a dog was drinking from the hose, which I was still holding.  That’s it, really.   Thanks.


Thanks for sharing that, Carl.  You can–


Dang it.  Stood up too fast again.  I’m good.  Anybody else want to share a story from last week?  Meredith.  Stand up and come up to the microphone.  I’m going to sit back down.


Hi, I’m Meredith, and last week I was getting out of…..


Okay that was embarrassing.  Can we just pretend that didn’t happen? Thanks.   Anyway, I was just going to say that last week I was toweling off after getting out of the shower and I bent over to look at a shaving cut and then I stood up and the next thing I remember,  I woke up with my head  in the toilet.  Not underwater, but.  Still, it wasn’t good.  So I guess my advice to you guys is to close the lid on your toilets.  Thanks for listening.


Thank you Meredith.  See?  I stood up really slowly this time, and I’m fine.  Practice what you preach, right?  I know I like to.  We have time for one more. Ken–in the back.   Stand up and come on up to the microphone.


Okay, you know what, maybe next time, Ken.  Thanks everybody for coming to the–oops, dropped my pen.  Hang on, let me bend over and pick it up.  Got it.  And back up.  Thanks everybody for coming to–