There are things on the bottom of the ocean that have never been seen and likely WILL never be seen, and they like it that way.

Also they feel resentful.  But mostly they like it. It depends on the day.

The things down there have been waiting for about 7 trillion years for someone to discover them, and they are just beginning to realize that, hey, you know what, this might not happen for them after all.

One of the things was hoping to appear in a David Attenborough film but yikes, that guy’s not getting any younger, and also there’s that “Ocean Deep” DVD on the Planet Earth series, so who knows if they’ll be doing anything like that again.  This particular thing may have missed its chance, but it doesn’t want to think about that too much.

The things that have never been seen had a meeting on Tuesday to discuss their plans for going forward.

“Our wait-and-see attitude has served us well in the past,” said one of the things, in pitch blackness, addressing god knows how many other things, because it was pitch black down there and probably nobody had any eyes anyway. “But it’s time for a bold new chapter in the history of whatever happens down here,” said the thing.

“Where’s the buffet table?” asked another thing.  “Didn’t anybody bring anything to eat?”

The other things ignored this thing, because this happened at just about every meeting.  This thing always wanted to know where the food was but this thing never brought any stuff of its own to share.  So they ignored it.

“I have an idea,” said a voice in the darkness.  “Maybe we should swim up,” it said.   Hundreds of tiny weird voices gasped. “Then we’ll at least know what we look like, and then we’ll know if it’s a good idea if we swim up farther where the cameras might be.”

A generalized murmuring broke out. It was a bold plan indeed.  The pitch black area thrummed with the sound of excited and/or frightened things.

“An unprecedented plan,” said the head thing, “and we’ll put it on our agenda for next time.”

“Here it is,” said the hungry thing.  “I found the buffet.  Now where are the plates?”