Probe your deepest wound with the cauterizing hot poker of consciousness to illuminate your personalized hero’s journey.

What does the wound feel like?  Is it cold?  Is it burning hot?  Is it acidic or alkaline?  Are its edges rough, or smooth, and does it taste like grapefruits?

Remove the poker and let the wound steam out for a moment.  Now what would you do with this wound if you had all the money in the world?  Would you bring it to the Mayo Clinic and ask them to heal it? Would you paint it in watercolors?  Would you sit at the dinner table with it but never speak to it or acknowledge its presence?

How can you be kind to your wound while also hiding it from everybody? Does your wound need air, and can you give it that air by threading an invisible tube down the back of your shirt that hardly anybody can see unless they’re really looking harder than they should in the first place?

What about making another wound so the two of them are symmetrical?

Be the author of your own wound-healing journal.  It’s your path.  Have a good week.