Broken Bone: Overview

If you have a broken bone, you probably have a lot of pain.  The pain will likely increase if you have more than one broken bone.  Like, for example, 12 of them.  In short, a bone that was once one piece is now two.  Or 12 bones are now approximately 37, depending on what you did.


The pain of a broken bone stems from the fact that your bone has snapped, and is now poking into a bunch of nerves.  If your nerves work right, they will sense this and send signals to your brain which your brain will interpret as pain, and then won’t do anything about, except maybe send down some endorphins which only work for a short time.  This is called the “shock” phase, and it will enable you to get up and get yourself to a hospital without thinking about things too much.  Eventually, however, the shock phase wears off and you will be sitting on an examining table with pointy ends coming out of your skin all over the place.  Luckily, there are doctors nearby.

Some of the bones you may break include:

  • your arm
  • your leg
  • your collarbone
  • your pelvis
  • your wrist
  • your ankle
  • your coccyx.

And some of the ways you can break a bone include:

  • falling from a roof
  • waterski accident
  • putting your arm in a vice and then twisting it
  • falling from a hot air ballon
  • bar fight
  • getting hit by a truck
  • lion bite.

There are many more ways to break a bone, however, these are the most common.


As mentioned previously, the main symptom of a broken bone is pain.  Another hint is that one of your bones is sticking out of your skin.  This article is not meant to diagnose broken bone, however.  If you suspect you might have a broken bone, go see your doctor and get an informed diagnosis.  Or just look in the mirror.


If your bone is broken, you should get it set in a cast and then you have to wait forever for it to heal.  Unless it’s a rib, and then you can’t do anything.  If you have an itch under your cast during this time, too bad.


Given the correct treatment, in all likelihood your bone will heal, unless it doesn’t.