I bet you just ate all those cookies I made and left on the coffee table.  Didn’t you? 

You did?

Aha!  I got you!  Those were for me, not for you.  I made them for myself and you ate them all!

April Fool’s!

Also, did you take out the trash?  Did you?  You did?  Oh my god because I was going to take it out later today!  But you did it!  I got you!

April Fool’s!

Your boyfriend called.  No he didn’t.

April Fool’s!

I’m moving out.

April Fool’s!

No but really, I can’t pay the rent this month.

April Fool’s!

I can pay it this month, but probably not next.  Can you use my deposit? That’s actually a real question.

Also I bought a new bin for our recycling.

April Fool’s!

Except I don’t recycle.

April Fool’s!

I so, but  only paper, because I hate rinsing stuff out.  Not April Fool’s.

This color looks awful on me.

April Fool’s, it looks great!

Hey where are you going? I’m coming with you!

April Fool’s I’m not.

April Fool’s I am.

April Fool’s you’re mad at me.

no you’re not.

April Fool’s.

I have tuberculosis.