What genre is the book of your life?   And who is the author? 

Are you a mystery? A romance?  A tragicomic murder mystery-slash plant care manual?

Are you the paintbrush who draws on your own canvas?  Or are you the canvas that somebody bought once when they thought they wanted to be an artist, and then they gave up on that and now you’re stashed in the basement right next to the Ouija board?

Do you soak your brushes at night, or let them get stiff with the crusted paint of old disappointments?  Do you paint carefully and thoughtfully, or do you just throw paint at the canvas with your bare hands, because who cares anyway, and a third grader could have done this BUT THEY DIDN’T?

The answers are within you, and also right next to you.

Read the next five chapters of “Inventing the Invisible” and check in on Friday.