Looking to save money on an apartment in New York City?  Do we have a deal for you!

What would you think about spending only 800 a month on a beautiful, sun-drenched* apartment in the heart of Park Slope**? Sound too good to be true? This priceless gem boasts a room with floors and ceilings with a wall that can easily accommodate the closet that you will buy yourself at Ikea and bring along with you.

Amenities include two light fixtures and a hallway that leads to your apartment!  Bars on the windows will keep uninvited guests away, because once they see into this sparkling cut diamond of an apartment, believe me they will know exactly what your stuff is and what time you are away at work, and they will want to pay you a visit.  Especially since this unit is on the ground floor, which means no awkward climbing up the front of a building for them!

Did I mention there was a sink?  There is.  It’s a rare all-purpose sink that can be used for both washing your dishes and also rinsing your feet, since there kind of isn’t a sink in that corner of this amazing open-format apartment where the toilet is.

Remember, it’s only 800 a month, and it can all be yours with a 22% broker fee plus a one-time $400-dollar move-in fee plus a $1400 move-out fee, a credit check fee, and first, last, and fifteen months’ deposit.

Call Yolanda for a viewing today!!!!!

*not sun drenched

**Clinton Hill