Hey, where are we going?  Hang on a second, this is weird.  One second I’m taking a nap over by the mermaid/gold chest thing and then all of a sudden here comes the net and I’m in a bag.

I’m not sure this is so awesome.  I mean, some people like to travel and I don’t think I’m one of them.  Also, it would be great if you put your other hand under the bag just in case, you know?  Because it looks like pure sidewalk down there.  Also, it sort of seems like you’re swinging the bag.  You’re not?  Well.  I’m pretty sure that you are.

Not to be ungrateful, but why can’t people just leave goldfish alone?  We’re just little fish.  Just little orange fish.  What is the obsession?  This has to be my third or fourth or sixteenth trip in a bag, and I was pretty much fine back in that last tank.  Oh right, I’m a prize.  I’m a prize for some big hairy dude who just took a big hammer and smashed it on a platform and it zoomed up a wall and rang a bell or something.  Well you know what?  That’s bullshit.  How would you like it if I stuck you in a bag and brought you to a different house every time I got the biggest flake of fish food before everybody else could?  Also I was working on a novel.  I hope that’s coming behind me in another bag.